Vibrations of life stream the dark labyrinths

of my mind, I close my eyes let it conduct

the impassioned music of my heart, my soul,

channelling liberally through to my pen.

The mindless beats of the illusion

tears through my dreamlike haze,

pulsating its distracting untruths

I am deafened by this soulless pretext.

The creation of a culture of perversion,

consumer mania and fetishised objects.

The preaching of endless forms of

false happiness and false understanding.

Warfare and its fictionous life of suppression

inviting people to blindly diminish themselves

into a life of perpetual slavery;

Possessed by their possessions.

Old traditions are ruthlessly swept away

and ideas opposed to its capitalist progress,

exploits and corrupts those things once held sacred.

and destroying the finer sentiments of mankind

Polluting the mind and numbing the heart,

pervading the senses with unrelenting





and feelings

of all that is unnatural.

The lightness of my thoughts suspends and falls

into a void of uncreated emptiness.

Ascendance of the mind that moves.



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