Gift of the enemy

I stare in horror at mans worship of wealth,
torn from nature with vulgarous stealth.
The machine has oppressed us over time,
obsessing in its worship of the powerless dime

Equality is slipping further away,
despite the illusion of democracy they say.
Corporate power coerces in its reign
mastering the darkness and reaping the pain

They took our communities, tore us apart,
blinkered our outlook and confined our heart.
Collective consciousness seemed all but lost,
mans moral fibre was the cost.

Passive obedience is our greatest threat,
millions of lost souls caught in its net.
Cut off in its midst I made a decision
to embrace the machine to connect my vision

The world is awakening generation internet,
collective conscious recreates a tenet,
the masses are rising able to unite
This gift of the enemy bestowed us the might.


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