Earth Healing


The tantalising edge of this cliff,

a place of comfort, of staggering beauty

I gaze out as diamonds dance

on each relentless marching wave,

gentle eyes that sparkle

with the intense clarity of deep inner wisdom,

summoning me into her ethereal dream.

I am small, amongst her infinite power,

breathing deeply I take her in.

My insignificance dissolves into the horizon,

as the hands of her elements caress me and

whisper her ancient secrets that entice.

I long to be at one with her

abandon the world I fail to grasp.

My roots take hold and

ground me to the grass beneath my feet, to

the gracious curves of the earth deep below;

I sense the heartbeat of her sacred ground

inducing the life throughout my veins,

the fire in my heart reignites my desire

awakening the spirit within.

The warm embrace of the Goddess

transfers me to an altered reality.

The tide of my loneliness recedes

in this united understanding.

The goddess is within and all around me

replenishing my strength and persistence

I turn and confront the world once more.

The witch is back!

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