Broken Memory

A face I could not see,

I see it now,

like a stolen memory

from someone else’s life.

The bullet you fired through my soul,

left me with fragments of a past

that I feared

and buried deep within.

Disconnected from myself

I turned away

and ambled through a life

I did not want.

Without a vision.

Without you.

Without me.

12 years.

I see your face now.

A fragment in the mosaic of my soul

memories, dreams and nightmares,

blend into one.

But I’m stronger,

I confront the forbidding

darkness you left behind

and embrace each fragment at a time

accepting that these pieces

is all I will ever have.

The unanswered questions

have been swallowed by the void,

they will forever fall,

untendered into eternity

I can see your face

I will never forget.

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