Black Water Dragon


An apparition of a woman whose manuscript I dared to read

a cynical grey shroud that separated me from the world of ruthless colours.

Surrendering to societies unnatural ‘norms’ had blown out the creative flames of my heart,

days bled into months, into years; inside myself, from myself.

The year of the black water dragon, I plunged into the dark rivers of my soul

gallantly enduring the wild crimson tides of my insanity.

The reflection of this Moon cast my shadow upon this cold and merciless world,

yet in this madness I found purity, clarity of heart and truth of perception: I found me.

Under the witness of the second Dark Moon; with promising snake like power

I rose like a phoenix from the ashes. I dropped my shroud and absorbed the rainbows

of life, emulating the potent radiance of my crazy mind, my creative passions unleashed.

Fire is my sign and fire is my soul I defy all to be; and follow this burning desire.

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