Sensual Love

You see me, I see you;

for all that you are,
all you have been,
perfection unto flaws,
fruits of passion that flowered
into loves sweet acceptance,
folding into each other at
Luna’s warm embrace.

You hear me, I hear you;

your sweet and delicate tones
a harmony of devotion,
blossoms that dance
on the winds of loneliness
resonating within my heart,
allowing me to love, soothed
by your unwavering honour.

You smell me, I smell you;

a garland of protection
that encircles and wards
away the shadows of my past,
the enchanting aroma
of your pheromones beckon
my elemental nature and finer
sentiments of my heart.

You taste me, I taste you;

tongues that feast on ecstasy
with no bodily confines,
feverishly searching to
sample each sublime flavour
of your body, mind and soul,
the sweet nectar of true love,
divine Aphrodite’s pleasure.

You feel me, I feel you;

in every essence that I am,
lying in your arms is the
most perfect place on earth,
we are but one, eternal spirits
bodies that entwine seamlessly
into one, my soul mate,
my sensual lover.

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