As corporations sit amongst our political elite,
feathering their nests and grounding their feet.
In paradox with the policy they said would protect
democracy from their greed and self-interest.

Oil companies, the media and the banking parasite,
smugly clink their champagne glasses tonight.
Democracy has been hung strung and quartered
in a government not elected is this unchartered?

How can a law to stifle its people be passed,
in a country that declares to represent all caste.
A bill that is comparable to Putins Russia,
our right to freedom of speech it aims to usher.

Civil disobedience has become our only way
we could participate in democracy today.
Charities, campaigns will receive the strong arm of the law,
the only ray of hope for the increasing poor.

We’re out in the cold, only able to observe,
as big money still lunches with those paid to serve.
Gagged! As dread pervades throughout our core,
we can only assume this is a declaration of war.

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