This Dirty Stinking Rotten Lot


This dirty, stinking, rotten lot,

their green pledges they think we’ve forgot.

Hands in the pockets of fossil fuel lords,

stuffing their offshores with their rewards.

As Lord Howell sits down for family tea,

rubbing their greedy hands Osborne and he.

Dishonouring all plans for sustainability,

invested interest and no culpability.

Fracturing our lands with their hydraulic drills,

polluting our air and contaminated spills

Perpetual flames visible from space,

this can’t be maintained, climate change is at pace.

Communities are restoring, alas not ‘big society’,

Cameron’s plan will fly in his face with notoriety.

Their police may strike out, but we will not surrender,

as we have become the public defender.

This dirty, stinking, rotten, lot,

darkening our lands alike blackspot.

Marching forward with a nuclear reactor,

as we live in uncertainty from Fukisima’s disaster

Censorship awash leaving us in fear

and these sociopaths want to bring them nearer.

Hinkley C the first site of EDF’s domain,

ignoring warnings of corrosion in these flood plains.

Blatantly snubbing the concerns of the people,

in spite of our hard earned cash subsiding this evil.

35 billion and for that what is our return?

Sold back to us at double the burn.

The witch watch casts it shield at full moon,

we can only hope for a miracle soon.

The peril of nuclear is far too immense,

but they don’t give a shit about public defence.

This dirty, stinking, rotten lot,

they’ll rape the land for all it’s got.

Who would entrust the land to the destructive bloke?

Owen Paterson what a joke!

Badger culls a vicious crusade,

despite a case of vaccines being made.

Freak storms plague those overcome by flood,

betrayed by budgets pilfered in cold blood.

And to claim the ruin of Ancient woodlands,

could be replaced with saplings, little he understands,

about the delicate equilibrium of ecology,

the evolving creation of biodiversity.

Cruel and environmentally inept,

from a Tory minister what did we expect?

Somehow we need to stop this insidious plot

of this dirty, stinking, rotten lot.

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