The Blood of the Earth

The blood of the earth pulsates,
the beating of drums, perpetual war,
the Persian Gulf its pounding heart
fuelling imperialist desires
that fabricate veins across borders,
enslaving its people to a regime
that obliterates any impasse of foreign policies
written in the boardrooms of oil barons.

The blood of the earth burns,
a burning obsession compelled by greed
polluting minds and darkening the skies,
oceans poisoned, black gold ablaze
blinding visions despite the earths
desperate whispering of death,
as governmental aggressors salivate
for systematic power of this false idol.

The blood of the earth spills
as an open wound that will not heal,
the blood of countless innocent lives
saturates the infrastructure of its land,
western exploitation of civil unrest,
interwoven vessels of globalised agendas
of past, present and future,
we see no end to this tyranny.

This unceasing trauma, this blood of the earth.


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