Dear White Pride

I wonder if you really

understand the essence of pride?

You claim this is your right

that is being denied.

Gay Pride, Black pride,

were born of inequality.

This is a battle that endures

when you’re still a minority.

A right cannot be claimed

at the expense of others

and you wish to deny the rights

of our diverse brothers.

As you drag your knuckles

upon the floor,

have you ever really sat

and thought what it is you stand for?

Your self-destructive anger

that burns deep inside,

you’ve transferred to fellow humans,

this has nothing to do with pride.

You’re caught up in right wing press

and collective frenzy that you

really do need to address.

What is it that fills you

with so much hate?

Look into the mirror

do you still feel so irate?

So maybe there is something

that needs to change,

it starts with you

this may seem strange?

Condemning others

is just not alright.

Dear White Pride

You don’t make me proud to be white.

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