The Calling of the Falls

Lifeless, dead of heart
the whisper of the wind encircles,
beckoning me to my haven.
Estranged by the cycles,
harsh winter storms
has battered this place
landscape re-sculptured,
and the path forbidden,
danger it warns of ahead.
Compelled to restore,
I battle the laboured journey
parallel to my mind,
rotten wood gives way to my touch,
vivid moss
slippery under my feet.
I claw out at the earth,
my hands bare the truth;
I am this place,
I trust in this place,
that has called my name,
as a mother that reaches for her child.
I stand at my journey’s end,
the foot of the waterfall,
unsure of this new space;
I close my eyes,
ground into the earth beneath my feet,
breathe in the fresh moist air,
connect to the fire of all life below.
The immense power of the water
flows through my senses
possessing my soul,
caressing as it bathes.
I break through into the light,
a shift that I see,
I feel it in in my heart with every beat,
emotions liberated
to love, forgiveness and hope.
I trust in the calling of the falls.





2014-05-17 18.09.41

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