An ode to Obama’s mob

As war mongers you shadow our land and those elected throw themselves at your feet,

their galling sycophantic gratitude is a connection we refuse to permeate.

Swarming upon the Celtic manor, darkening the history of this radical town,

casting your malevolent webs of power, to spin this world upside down.


You bring our cities to a standstill, with an oppressive ring of steel fence.

It’s telling of who you represent, when between the people you cast such defence.

That fence represents your failures and your failures are beginning to bite,

we can no longer stomach your wars ‘not in our name’ we’ll continue our fight.


Insidiously you militarise the police, against the people you are meant to protect,

internalise your mass surveillance, the power of the people you have no respect.

You syphon our money from our nation, to the profiteering arm companies,

clawing at the earths remaining fuels, a mass pillage for these monopoly’s.


You create an uncertain future for our young ones, for you they are easy bait,

the war of the worlds that you reap as you pluck our boys from our estates.

As you plot to seize other nations, saving people from the militant barbarians.

But this ‘freedom’ you offer comes in missiles, you are not the civilised humanitarians.


As the world slowly awakens, you persist to destroy what you have created,

stirring amongst civil unrest and the Middle East you have desecrated.

I wonder if you dare to look into to the mirror, down at the blood that stains your hands?

Could it ever be really worth it, complicity in the murder of civilians?


What is it you feel that makes you privileged, we all ascended from this earth?

Strip away your money and down your arms we all stand equal at birth!

So members of Obama’s all powerful mob, we ask who the hell do you think you are?

Because frankly we think your psychopathic class have taken your war games too far!

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