Women’s rights! Whose rights?

Hands Covering Man's Eye and Startled Woman's Mouth

Don’t you feel your equality?

Sit back and accept what you’ve been served….love.

Suck up the nudge nudge wink wink casual sexism

that keeps you in your place.


Cunt, gash, slash, tag your pussy with violence.

Don’t you feel empowered by the tits that greet you on the newsagent’s shelves?

Eye level to your daughter so she knows what to aspire too.


Can’t you see our appreciation for your form?

As I wear your arse emblazoned across my chest.

No you can’t feed your child here, with our sexual property, that’s crass.

Enjoy your sexual liberty, almost on par to ours?
You filthy fucking whore!


Culturally we regress in womens liberation.


You can love your body, but we get to touch it!

You can have your women’s space, but we get to be in it!

You can have your women’s rights but we want some of it!

You can discuss your equality, but we want to direct it!

I really want to be a peace and love feminist,

if only men would let me.




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