A choice between two shits.

I haven’t been able to campaign for this referendum, I’m feeling so unenthused by any of the debates and apathetic about it all. 
But reading this article today in Red Pepper reassures me it’s ok, I don’t have to have a little word with myself, or do a health and wellbeing check; It is as I said in the very beginning, it’s a choice between two shits.
We can intellectually debate this until we send a glass eye to sleep, the left is good at that. But when you get down to it, there really isn’t a progressive option here:
Remain, is signing us up to continued neoliberalism which no progressive wants to do. But then the consequence of Brexit’s full on thatcher style neoliberism seems to stink a bit more rotten. The other debates are reform that I can’t help but feel is as deluded as redemption for Murdoch, but then also so is Lexit.

So, you can dress this up all you want on either side of the debate, this is not an opportunity for the left, this referendum was dictated by the far right from day one. The debate was based on immigration, mirroring the conversations that took us into World Wars. An underfunded, unrepresented (in the media) intelligent debate has barely been heard further than our own left cliques throughout this campaign. Leaving the EU won’t bring us a Lexit dream, that is a fanciful and horrendously dangerous step to take with even further reaching consequences.

“A vote to ‘leave’ is a win for the reactionary, nationalist right. It’s a signal to those burgeoning right-wing movements across Europe that an inward-looking, closed-door, xenophobic position is a politically and economically viable option. Far-right parties will be bolstered in their claims that it is the EU and migrants (along with all the other ‘Others’) that are at the root cause of our economic and social crises, further closing down space for any progressive systemic analysis.” and that risk I can not play a part in.

So thank you very much you bunch of Bullington bastards, you’ve stifled democracy again. I’d made a decision many years ago when I stopped voting for Labour, the lesser of two evils (then), to keep the nasties out. Eventually I realised voting for a party I had no belief in, for individuals I had no political correlation with, was not participating in democracy at all, it was being submissive to a capitalistic reign. So I promised myself if there wasn’t a option that I believe in, I’d spoil it with a pretentious message. 

But here I am settled on the conclusion of holding my nose to vote in fear instead of hope to remain and I’ll continue to hide in my garden until all this nonsense is over. 

Crack on telling me how wrong I am about this, my decision is so woolly I will probably agree with you and carry on feeding my pumpkins and weeding through my beans.

We can get back to the real fight post June 23rd. Wherever that may be for me. 

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