Thoughts on Brexit and a second referendum

I’m saddened that Corbyn has been coerced into a second referendum, against what he believes in. It’s a mistake for our party, given that the majority of our stronghold constituencies voted to leave. It’s a mistake for our country as undermines the entire essence of referendums and democracy. Above all it is dangerous.

Yes I understand there’s a strong feeling that the electorate were misinformed and misled. However, we are aware that we live in a society with a corrupt political system and media which 70% is owned by 6 billionaires whose agenda does not seek to serve us. It’s our individual responsibility to educate ourselves when we are making a monumental constitutional decision. You don’t get a second vote.

The referendum opened Pandora’s box and that sadly can’t be closed. It’s exposed, mainstreamed and legitimised a hate in our society that I’ve never seen before. The far right as I predicted in my blog beforehand has been bolstered and they are hitting the streets in numbers not previously seen.

It terrifies me.

They talk of civil unrest, they legitimate violence, the dehumanise sections of our society and minority’s in our country are facing hatred everyday.

A second referendum is negligence, we can not and should not stir this hostility anymore.

I voted remain, I don’t want to leave the EU.

It wasn’t an easy choice given the corporate corruption of its institution. I was aware that it would be impossible reform as it’s entire structure is set against this happening. My decision was fundamentally based on what a I believed a leave win would do to our country, I didn’t want to be part of that. I was right and I really wish I wasn’t.

So why the hell do we want to do this again? It’s negligence and as bloody negligent as David Cameron was putting us in the position in the first place!

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